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Operating Rules


Keeping in mind the rules of social etiquette we also hereunder point out information and obligations, which the center's visitors must observe:

  1. Center's business hours are from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM
  2. Business hours of dressing rooms and other premises are from 6:45 AM to 10:15 PM
  3. Visitors are fully liable for things left in lockers. Valuables can be stored at the reception.
  4. Entrance to the hotel grounds is permitted for all visitors, parking is not charged. Parking is only permitted in areas intended for this purpose (large parking lot above tennis courts). Persons parking are obligated to follow instructions of the security service or authorized personnel Parking lot is not monitored or under surveillance. Responsibility for any possible damage, loss or theft relative to a vehicle parked in these areas is up to the vehicle owner.
  5. Everywhere in the center it is forbidden to: throw away waste; damage, carry away, relocate all center's equipment; litter anywhere in the center or areas belonging to the sports grounds; smoke in common areas, with the exception of areas designated for such; start a fire.
  6. If you are visiting the center with dogs, then you are obligated to have your dog on a leash, with a muzzle and to make sure that the dog does not disrupt any operation of the center or endanger anyone. At the same time it is forbidden to let your dog run free anywhere on the grounds of Top Hotel Praha. It is strictly forbidden to enter the tennis courts with dogs or other pets.
  7. If the stated rules are not observed a visitor may then be banned from entering the premises, be evicted from the center and may be liable to reimburse damages caused by the breach of obligations derived from these Operating Rules.

A visitor is obligated to get familiarized with the sports grounds and center's Operating Rules and observe these. Sports grounds and center's Operating Rules are available at the center's reception and on the web

Sports Grounds Operating Rules

  • Entrance and performance of activity are at own risk.
    • We do not recommend sports to pregnant women and people with health conditions.
  • Entering the sports grounds:
    • Only after paying fees.
    • With the start of the paid game time, never earlier.
    • With footwear appropriate for the given sports grounds or surface.
    • With equipment intended for the given type of sport.
    • In a number of players intended for the given type of sports, other visitors are allowed to enter only designated or common areas.
    • In sports apparel, with respect to the nature of sport and other athletes and never without top part of clothing.
    • Visitor is obligated to immediately report any defects of sports grounds or obstacles preventing proper use of sports grounds (hereafter only "defects") to the center's reception. This visitor's reporting obligation applies to defects present before the respective visitors start to use the sports grounds and/or defects appearing during visitor's play on the sports grounds. Until such case is resolved by the respective authorized sports center's worker (this applies especially to cleaning of the sports grounds providing alternate sports grounds or compensation) the visitor is not allowed to start using such sports ground or continue to use it. In the event that the visitor does not comply with this reporting obligation and will continue to use the sports ground despite the defect(s), then the center's operator will not be liable for any possible damages.
  • Visitor uses sports grounds:
    • only for the given sport
    • only for the paid time, at the end of the paid time for the sports ground he/she will immediately leave
    • in accordance with rules of proper etiquette in order to not limit other athletes by noise or another way
    • Cancellation of reservation must be performed through the reservation system or by phone at least 24 hours in advance of the time of court reservation and always during center's business hours. If the visitor does not do so, then the reservation is deemed to be not canceled and such a reservation must be paid for by the visitor as per the center's prices.
  • With respect to sports ground a visitor is not permitted especially to:
    • Enter it under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.
    • Litter outside of waste bins.
    • Perform modifications or damage equipment.
    • Use it for other purposes than ones it is intended for.
    • Smoke, consume alcohol or other drugs there.
    • Bring in foreign objects – especially glasses and glass containers, bicycles and so on.
  • Visitor recommendations:
    • In case of inquiries about appropriate footwear, possibly equipment, we will gladly help you at the reception.
    • Due to safety reasons do not enter sports ground while chewing a gum.
  • Visitor warnings:
    • In case of a non-observance or gross violation of these rules the center's worker has the right to especially:
      • Terminate game without compensation.
      • Evict the visitor from the sports ground, center.
      • Ban visitor from entering the center.
      • Claim reimbursement of damages caused.

Rental and test center operating rules

The visitor has the opportunity to rent sports equipment under the following conditions:

  • Rental prices are set forth in the services price list.
    • Rental fees for standard equipment are defined by the pricelist.
    • Rental fees for testing frames are set forth by the price list.
  • Rental terms and conditions:
    • Paying rental fees.
    • Paying a refundable deposit as set forth by price list.
  • The visitor is obligated to return the rented sports equipment within 10 minutes following the conclusion of game time. In case of non-observance of this rule he/she will be charged for each started hour of the hourly rental rate.
  • In the event of damage to the rented equipment a contract fine is set forth at the level of 50% of its acquisition price while taking into consideration its wear and tear.
  • In the event of destruction of the rented equipment a contract fine is set forth at the level of 100% of its acquisition price while taking into consideration its wear and tear.
  • Damage to equipment is not deemed to be common wear and tear such as string breaks, loosening of wrapping and so on.
  • All inquiries are handled by the center's reception.


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