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Gift Certificates

We offer gift certificates, which we specifically prepare as per your wishes. We'll present you a graphic design and will include a text for the gift recipients.

You can select from the following offers:

  • Tennis trainings with professional coach - arbitrary number of lessons as per your schedule.
  • Rental of tennis court or hall
  • Sports relaxation packages - optional combination of tennis practices with relaxation at the hotel wellness.

Tennis tournaments for companies and individuals

We have a tradition of organizing tennis tournaments at our center right from its establishment. We organize tournaments for professionals under the patronage of Czech Tennis Association, as well as amateur tournaments.

For companies:

Do you want to organize a tournament for your employees or business partners? Then you've come to the right place. We will custom organize a tennis tournament to your specifics. We will take care of the entire course your tournament including refreshments and providing trophies for winners.

If you want to have full control of your entire tournament, then no problem, we shall only agree on dates, which we will reserve the center for, and the rest is up to you. You can play on anywhere from two to five courts. It is possible to combine the entire event with a relaxation program at the hotel wellness.

For individuals:

Do you want to have an unconventional birthday celebration, or are you simply interested in experiencing the atmosphere of an amateur tennis tournament? In both cases we offer you the opportunity to organize a custom tournament at our center that meets your needs.

We are here for you all year round.

  • organizing a tailor made tennis tournament
  • rental of center for your tournament
  • provide refreshments
  • wellness, relaxation, massages

Tennis camps

For several years now we successfully organize tennis camps. Among our most popular are the city day tennis camps, which are intended for children of ages 5 to 17. A great advantage of the city day tennis camps is that the children have a program during the day and at night they come home, where they sleep. Therefore such camps are suitable for small children as well, since they do not fare well without their parents for a longer period of time.

Travel tennis camps are intended for beginners, as well as advanced players and also professional tennis players. A rich and balanced program is based on our many years of experience and our excitement to work with children. Camps are headed by experienced coaches with long term experience in organizing such camps.

If you need more information about tennis camps, or city day tennis camps, then send us an email requesting more information to and we'll send you the current flier and applications.

Tennis equipment store

You don't need to run around various stores and think about which racket would be the best for you. We will gladly help you with the selection of appropriate tennis equipment.

Our tennis center gives you the opportunity to test Babolat tennis rackets (we are an authorized test center). We can also let you test Head rackets.

We can deliver all tennis equipment fast and at very good prices.

Come get advice about which racket we'd recommend and we'll get it for you. Besides a tennis racket we can also dress you up from head to toe so that you can shine on the court technically, as well as aesthetically.

Racket stringing and service

In order for your tennis racket to be in good shape, it requires expert service. Just as you take your car for regular technical checkups and service, you should pay the same attention to your tennis racket.

We will gladly service your racket and provide it with the best possible care. We string tennis rackets and perform their maintenance and service.

Price of tennis stringing depends on the selection of the string and is in the range of CZK 250 to CZK 500. We'll be happy to advise you on the selection of appropriate string, which should suit your needs. We usually string rackets by the next day, but it is possible to string them while you wait. We will measure your string tension on the electronic machine ERT 300 in order to find out whether your racket needs restringing.

We replace basic grip and top wrap. Price for replacement is in the range of CZK 50 to CZK 200.

  • tennis racket stringing
  • measuring string tension
  • basic grip replacement
  • wrap replacement
  • consulting and service

Tennis school

We offer a tennis school for kids, as well as individual tennis lessons for adults. Practices are intended for beginner tennis players and for advanced players as well. Tennis lessons are headed by experiences coaches licensed by the Czech Tennis Association. Throw away your shyness and let yourself be taken care of by professionals.

Are you thinking about the following questions?

Do you want to learn tennis?
Then do not hesitate and take advantage of our individual tennis lessons with experienced coaches.

You never held a tennis racket in your hand?
No problem, this is what our coaches are here for. They will take your first tennis steps with you.

Do you play tennis, but you feel you need to improve?
Don't hesitate and arrange a lesson with our coaches, who will cater your individual needs.

Are you shy?
You have nothing to worry about, our coaches are trained professionals and have years of practical experience.

Not sure if your child enjoys tennis?
Come and try a group tennis lesson for free with no strings attached to discover whether tennis is the sport for your child.

We are looking to seeing you at our tennis courts.


Otevíráme !!!

Vážen klienti, na základě nařízení vlády bude od čtvrtka 3.12. 2020 opět otevřeno naše tenisové centrum. K dispozici vám bude celkem 5 tenisových kurtů ve dvou nafukovacích halách, kde je řízená výměna čerstvého vzuchu. Prosíme, aby všichni klienti respektovali platná... Číst více

sportoviště stále uzavřena

Na základě nařízení vlády, se nouzový stav prodlužuje do 20.11. 2020. Z tohoto důvodu jsou až do odvolání uzavřena vnitnřní sportoviště. Jakmile vláda umožní sportoviště otevřít, rádi vás opět uvidíme na tenisových kurtech. O znovuotevření vás budeme informovat.... Číst více

Nařízení vlády

Vláda s účinností ode dne 14. října 2020 od 00:00 hod. do dne 3. listopadu 2020 do 23:59 hod. mimo jiné zakazuje provoz a používání sportovišť ve vnitřních prostorech staveb a vnitřních prostor venkovních sportovišť. Z těchto důvodů jsme nuceni uzavřít náš tenisový... Číst více